AirTel 3G VPN Trick With New Host 16 September 2014

Requirement For this AirTel 3G Vpn Trick:

1.Airtel 3G Enabled Sim card
2.Maintain main balance of Rs. 0, Data Pack Required if you dont want
to cap your 3g speed.
4.Speed Up to More than 500 KBps. In 7.2 Mbps Modem

How To use this Airtel 3G Trick
For Mobile users:
Android mobile use can also use these Trick configs
with their android devices just you need to follow these simple steps:

1.Download Open VPN From from Given Link.
2.Extract It in a Folder and Browse To OVPN File Via File Browser.
3.Save The Settings as It Will Automatically Be Read by OpenVPN.
4.Connect It.
5.Wait For Sometime and VPN Will Be CONNECTED
Download Open VPN From- here for android.

For PC Users:
1.Download The Attachment of Airtel 3G Free VPN Trick.
2.Install high speed Nmdvpn from given link

3.Download config file below given link then put configs Here
(C:\Program Files\NMDVPN\config)
3.Windows 7 and Windows 8 Users RUN NMD VPN as the Administrator.
4.Just Connect and Enjoy. 


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