Airtel 3G New Trick 9 April 2014

Some Basic Requirement For this AirTel 3G Vpn Trick

1.AirTel 3G Enabled Sim card
2.Maintain main balance of Rs. 0 , Data Pack Required .
4.Speed Up to 500 KBps In 7.2 Mbps Modem

How To use this AirTel 3G Vpn Trick April 2014 :

For Mobile users: Android mobile use can also use these AirTel 3G Trick configs with their android devices just you need to follow these simple steps :

1.Download and extract config in SD card.
2.Go to Google Play Store Search for open vpn for android. Or CLick Here
3.Add Airtel 3G Trick 2014 Config to open Vpn folder.
4.Run and Enjoy

For PC Users: 1.Download The Attachment of AirTel 3GTrick.
2.Install Nmdvpn and Put configs Here (C:\Program Files\NMDVPN\config).
3.Windows 7 and Windows 8 Users RUN NMD VPN as the Administrator.
4.Just Connect and Enjoy.


Download Config Server 1 

Download Config Server 2

Download Config Server 3

Download Config Server 4

Vodafone 3G TCP VPN Trick – 08 April 2014

Who says Vodafone 3G TCP VPN Trick doesn’t work. You just need to do some additional tweaks and Vodafone 3G is working fine on TCP Protocol without any limits however this exclusive trick is only working in some states like MumbaiDelhiWest BengalUP east and Gujarat. This wont work everywhere because of the host which is being used in TCP configuration.

Features Of Vodafone 3G TCP VPN Trick April 2014:

  • Superb Download Speed: This is a TCP Trick, Hence most you know that TCP protocols have lesser speed as compared wth UDP or DNS Tunneling Tricks. But with premium TCP Config included in the trick file, one may get download sped over 400 kbps in 3G (HSDPA) mode.
  • Tweaked with Premium VPN: Just you need to import this premium modified Vodafone 3G TCP Config in NMD VPN.So every third party app in PC which requires Internet access will pass through the VPN so no balance will be deducted at all.
  • Working in many states: Guys this is the completely new method tweaked with new Vodafone host which still enable access without any balance deduction through VPN tunneling.
  • HTTPS Protocol Supported: The proxy supports high speed downloads with HTTPS protocol, So you may use Gmail, facebook and stream YouTube videos without any limits.

How to setup Vodafone 3G TCP VPN Trick in windows platform:

  • Configuring a VPN Trick is much easy if done according to steps given here..
  • We recommend you to use NMD VPN for connecting VPN Config. Just follow the below steps to successfully Configure Vodafone 3G TCP VPN Trick.
  • Now make sure you have installed NMD VPN on your PC.
  • Now Copy the hole Vodafone New TCP Folder which you downloaded now and paste it into : C:>> Program Files:>> NMD VPN:>> Config:
  • Just connect Vodafone 3G via default APN: WWW
  • RUN NMD VPN (Windows 7 & 8 user’s need to run it as administrator)
  • Connect the Given Vodafone Config in NMD VPN
  • VPN Tunneling Connection will get established instantly
Done! you will be connected via Premium VPN TCP Config exclusive modified for Vodafone.



1. Install NMD VPN.

2. Now Copy All Config Files And Paste Them Into VPN Configs Directory Of NMD VPN (C:-Program Files-NMDVPN-config)

3. Now Connect Your Internet And Then - Right Click On NMD VPN Icon In Desktop And Run as Admin.

4. After That, From System Tray Icon Connect Your Net With Your Config.

You Get Connect.

- New Working Host.
- High Speed 3G Browsing and Downloading.
- Working In 0 Balance.
- APN:- internet
- Need a Small 3G Data Pack.

Note:- You Need 3G Data Pack In This Trick. This Tricks Is Tested In Kerala, Karnataka and Bhopal.

Note:- After 7 days please change password in config folder from VPNBOOK..

Enjoy :)

Again Hack BSNL 3G With UDP VPN For All Over INDIA 100% Confirm

Open UDP 53
BBM Plan Rs 95
Recharge With 95 With Special Recharge Not Topup
After Recharge Plan Activate With In 3 Hour
After Try To Connect With

How To Work

1st Uninstall Old Driver [go App And Double Click On Driver Uninstall.cmd]
Then Start RamVPN As Administrator
All Working Server [1, 8, 10, 11, 12, Server Most Working]


With Adblock [For Adblock Go More Folder]
Automatic Detect And Install Driver
Both Tap And HSS Driver
Working Windows 8 ,7 And XP
No Tell You Uninstall Driver On Exit Time

We Give 100% Working Tricks


This is the latest Working 3G Trick of Airtel for January and February 2014. This Airtel TCP 3G vpn Trick is based on TCP Port 443. So this trick will work in every state where TCP ports are open .This trick is working at zero balance without any disconnection problems and speed capping issues but some data balance is required. So get this working airtel 3g trick and enjoy high-speed 3G internet at free of cost with unlimited usage and without any SIM blocking or speed capping. But remember a small 3G pack is required to use along with this Airtel TCP VPN Trick if you don't want to cap your speed & to avoid sim blocking. 

As you all know Airtel 3G services is now smart enough to caught us blocking tricks day by day and we are trying to update the latest tricks regularly. This trick is free of any kind of SIM blocking and speed capping issues. This is a new configuration and it's working in almost all states. This trick is currently working in January and will also work in February 2014. So Grab this awesome Working Airtel 3g trick for Jan Feb 2014 and give your feedback.  


1. It will work in zero balance.
2. No disconnection problem is there in this trick .
3. Based on TCP port 443.
4. No speed capping is there in this Trick .
5. No SIM blocking in this trick.
6. No registration is required in this trick.
7. APN- Works with default apn
8. Very high Speed up to 500 Kb/s.

Steps To Connect With This Trick:

Please Follow the given mention steps to connect with this Airtel TCP 443 VPN Trick.
1. Download the Airtel 3G VPN Trick Jan Feb 2014 Configs Files given below.
2. Download and Install NMDVPN .
3. Copy and paste the given Configs files in C:\Program Files (x86)\NMDVPN\config folder.
4. Run NMDVPN as administrator and connect with the given config.
5. Use default APN
6. Connection will be established in few seconds.


This trick is confirmed working in Delhi, Rajasthan, UP East and West and assumed to be working in every state where TCP port 443 is open. Although you have to try this trick to see if it's working in your state or not. Please don't blame me if the trick is not working for you. So, what are you waiting for just download this trick and enjoy free unlimited 3G service from Airtel for free.

Airtel Super Fast Tcp Trick 30 jan 2014

Airtel TCP for blocked SIM is working almost all over India. There is no speed capping with this TCP trick that means you can enjoy this trick at full speed. Also there is no disconnection with this VPN trick as it is based on fatest TCP server. Just download the config and enjoy Airtel TCP with your Blocked  SIM card. Its for blocked sim card user tested and working fine in Delhi And UPEAST too.
Airtel 3G TCP VPN Trick features:

  • Based on TCP Protocol for better speed and no SIM Blocking
  • Working in Zero (NULL) Balance.
  • 100% Working in Android phones via Hotspot Sheild VPN for Android
  • Working With Blocked Sim
  • Torrent Supported
  1. Make sure you have NMD VPN installed on your PC
  2. Just download the TCP config (direct link provided in the trick file) and paste it into C:> Program Files:> NMD VPN:> Config folder.
  3. Connect your Airtel 3G SIM with
  4. Now instantly connect with our given TCP Config.
  5. Thats’s It! VPN Tunneling connection will be connected instantly!


Reliance 3G Hack Only For Panjab, Delhi, Bihaar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, And MP 100% Working 23 Jan 2014

Our Trick 100% Working

New Proxy Update[12 January 2014]
-Working All States
-High Speed
-With New High Speed Premium Proxy
-No Disconnect Problem
After Download 1st See How To Work Folder
Pz 1st Change VPN Passwork From VPNbook

Airtel 3g vpn trick 4 january 2014 1000000% working

here is the new airtel 3g trick 

Some Basic Requirement For this Airtel 3G Vpn Trick :

  • Airtel 3G Enabled Sim card
  • Maintain main balance of Rs. 0 , Pack Required Mentioned in Attachment.
  • Apn: on attachment file .
  • Speed Up to More than 600 KBps :D In 7.2 Mbps Modem
How To use this Airtel  3G Vpn Trick Jan 2014:
For Mobile users:  Android mobile use can also use these Airtel 3G Trick configs  with their android devices just you need to follow these simple steps :
For PC Users:
1.Download The Attachment of Airtel 3G Trick.
2.Install Nmdvpn and Put configs Here (C:\Program Files\NMDVPN\config) Click Here to Download Nmdvpn.
3.Windows 7 and Windows 8 Users RUN NMD VPN as the Administrator.
4.Just Connect and Enjoy.

Aircel unlimited 3g trick 2014 working all over india | aircel free ulimited 3g offer

Aircel, the leading Telecom Operator mainly known for its plans prices and offers. They already have cheapest and affordable 3G data plans available with awesome speed. But now they are back with amazing offer which is probably first of its kind i.e, Aircel has rolled out a new promotional service “3G Mornings” for its pre-paid subscribers in 3G circles including Punjab, Bihar, Jammu & Kashmir, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh (East), Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Kolkata.

Under this scheme, Aircel is providing free Internet service on 3G from 6 AM to 9 AM for 30 days from the date of activation of the scheme

How to avail Aircel free unlimited 3G data

  • To avail this offer aircel prepaid users just have to dial *122*456#.
  • After successful activation sms Notification will be send to customers.
  • Terms and Conditions about this official offer from Aircel.
NOTE:The plan comes with daily FUP of 200MB of 3G speed, but after that the browsing speed will be reduced 32Kbps between 6 AM and 9 AM. The free data scheme will be valid within these hours only, and after this they will be charged as per the subscribed 3G plan or applicable 3G base rate.
After 9am customers will be charged as per 3G plan (if any) or base rate.
To activate 3G services on Aircel prepaid sim. Send an sms Start 3G to 121.
This offer is applicable for Aircel Prepaid subscribers only.
ALSO Note :. This offer is available from 30 days of activation of this service.


New vodafone 3g trick based on vpn which has been found newly and found working with awesome speed, so now we are having new trick for vodafone to share with you all.

This vodafone 3g trick is 100% and confirmed working

Basic Requirement For this Vodafone 3G Vpn Trick

  • Vodafone 3G Enabled Sim card
  • Maintain main balance of Rs. 10 Or Data Pack
  • Apn: www
  • Speed Up to 500-900 KBps

For Mobile users:

Android mobile use can also use these Vodafone 3G Trick configs with their android devices just you need to follow these simple steps : 
  • Download and extract config in SD card.
  • Go to Google Play Store Search for open vpn for android. Or CLick Here
  • Install Open Vpn in you android device.
  • Add Vodafone 3G Vpn Config to open Vpn folder.
  • Run and Enjoy

For PC Users:

  • Download The Attachment of Vodafone 3GTrick
  • download NMD vpn here.
  • Install Nmdvpn and Put configs Here (C:\Program Files\NMDVPN\config).
  • Windows 7 and Windows 8 Users RUN NMD VPN as the Administrator.

Download config. files