Convert your Reliance 2g to 3g and get free 3G data.

Hello Friends !! 

                     Today i got message from Reliance, Saying that u can activate 3G service for one Day Validity or 20 Rs and of 75 MB… I thought, what’s wrong in trying, so i dialled that service No, and after that, i get shocked while checking my 2G Balance, that said, Ur 3G Deault Balance is so and so…

it's working in Madhya Pradesh UPwest, Gujrat and Tamilnadu etc

You just have to dial, *565*020# and one more thing, try at Low Balance.. And then, check ur 2G Data, by Dialling, *333*1*3*1#…

Try your state and comment here...

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  1. not working in mp it removed my 1month 2g plan... fuck off


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