Vodafone VLIVE UDP Trick 07 March 2013 10000% working

Vodafone UDP trick is once again screwed. The trick is worth and is giving
awesome internet experience even this trick can be configured for the
Android via VPN. This is the UDP trick and is far better than the TCP
one. UDP trick is confirmed working in the North Side. Thanks to
Symbianize for the VPN. There is no SIM blocking or capping limitation.
Just connect the VPN and you are ready to go.

Features of the Trick
  • High Speed UDP trick, with unlimited Data Transfer.
  • No Data Disconnection
  • No ADDS and Pop Up
  • HTTP and HTTPS Supported.
  • High Speed Torrent downloading.
  • Just Change the Port and enjoy the downloading in Torrent.
How to Setup the trick
  • APN and other settings are encrypted and in the same file.
  • You don’t need to be a Geek for this, simply download this file and connect with the APN

    Download the VPN Here : Get it Now



  1. where is vpn downloading link...please send me the config file for kerala...ma id is sadutdy@gmail.com :)


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