How to Know your Friends Mail id or mobile number in Facebook

Hello Friends. Today i am giving some tips of facebook. you can know your friends email id or mobile numbers you can fallow these steps:

When you install Google Chrome and Plugin then open Your Facebook Account
Your Facebook Account is open than see Export Friends options as a screenshot.

  • Click on Export Friends
  • When open a new window than read the Terms of Service and Click Let’s get started as show screenshot. 

  •  Please wait your friends list is updated by mark as show screenshot.

  • when is done than one options coming soon as a screenshot.

  • Now Click on "This will export your contact as a CSV file.
  • now save this file any name and open in Notepad as show screenshot.

  •  When your CSV file is save than open your Gmail Id tha click Contacts

  • Now import CSV file in you gmail id contacts as show screenshot.

  • Now your all friends add your gmail id when you click any friends name than you can see mobile number with full detail.


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